What will make your business run more efficiently?
Do you have a security system that keeps your people and premises completely secure? Do you need to grant and restrict access to key people? Do you have all the right tools at your disposal to give clients presentations with impact? 

ITS are experts at designing and implementing technology solutions that are tailored to your business needs. We can deliver the right system and solutions to help make your business goals a reality. 

Talk to us about the best technology for your business. 



When investing in a business solution, it is important to ensure you make the correct decisions. You want a solution that will help your business grow more efficiently, our solutions grow as your needs do. We offer a consultative service that encompasses the full spectrum of solution design, documentation, drawings and a full scope of works. 



That means you can; control who comes in, manage the access level of individual staff members specifying areas of access granted. Each staff member will have a personalised access management device allowing you to keep track of doors and events. 



ITS are experienced experts at designing security and monitoring systems that give businesses peace of mind. Reduce the risk of theft, OH&S (slip & fall claims) and increase overall safety within the company. This could include surveillance cameras, motion sensors, standalone or networked alarms and even 24/7 monitoring. 



For presentations with punch! If you want to leave a lasting impression for your clients or for personal boardroom meetings, ITS can design a corporate presentation system that delivers on every level. Impress your clients with automated lights, TV lifts, projectors, screens and visual presentation systems.  



The goal of any business is to be efficient and effective. When your team can communicate efficiently and access the information they need easily, by nature they become more effective. ITS’ networking and communication offerings will allow your whole team to connect with each other, including every device in your office - instantly!