How do you picture your life at home?
Do the lights come on automatically when you walk in the door? On the weekend, do you relax in front of your own home cinema watching the latest movie? Is connecting any device, in any room, to the internet a breeze? Do you entertain family and friends with perfectly tuned lighting and music creating the ideal ambience? Do you have security system that gives you peace-of-mind that your family is safe and sound?

If you would like to make these dreams a reality, talk to us. At HTS we are experts at designing and implementing technology solutions ideally suited to lifestyle.

Talk to us about the ideal solution for your home. 



Smart Home features save valuable time as well as money, a connected home is rapidly becoming a must. We specialise in creating homes that enrich people’s lives. Our team are experts at planning and implementing smart home designs that allow all technology to be connected and operate seamlessly and efficiently. We specialise in future proofing homes so that new technology can be added easily, now and in the future. 



Make life easy by centrally controling all the technology in your home. HTS can design an automation system that lets you seamlessly control everything from lighting, music, entertainment, security and the internal climate with the simple touch of a smartphone, tablet or control panel. 



Control the ambience and mood in your home with a centrally controlled lighting system. HTS can design a system that lets you pre-set lighting themes, manage zones independently and synchronise your lights with other technology in your home. And, it can all be centrally controlled from a smartphone or tablet.  



Make your home a safe haven for your family. New camera and monitoring technology can allow you to secure every square inch of your property, giving you peace-of-mind that your loved ones are safe. And now you can control everything, simply and easily, from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet no matter where you are.



Don’t just live in your home, LIVE in your home. Entertain the whole family with our Audio & Visual solutions that everyone can enjoy. HTS can deliver a home entertainment package that combines music, TV, Pay TV, streaming services, home cinema, outdoor and more.



Save money and help the environment at the same time. HTS will put you in total control of the energy output of your home. We can design a system that allows you to monitor your energy usage, employ sensors to shut off unused lights and appliances and manage the heating and cooling in your home. This all helps lower your energy usage.