Mt Eliza

In the calming seaside of Mornington lives a court full of trees, gardens and wildlife, close to everything you need but also with an exclusive country-style atmosphere. This Mt Eliza project is also home to one of our many clients that choose to reflect a personality of their surrounding through their lifestyle choices. HTS/Award Group turned this conception to reality by installing touch screens across their luxurious home. With the Concept 4000 security system monitors CCTV, C-bus, doors and alarms, the owners are able to sit back and relax. 

Integrating pool and pump screens, our clients can now go from Cascading waterfalls to calm ponds, setting moods as serene as their interests involve. Smart technology that tracks when they come home, sets timers for doors to open and a high level luxury interface tailor-made for our client looks just like the pictures below, but feels even better when you take it home.